What I Teach

I customize the mix-and-match services of:
Decoding & Encoding (Orton-Gillingham), Fluency, Reading Comprehension, Writing and/or Summer Reading support to meet your child's specific learning needs.


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Decoding (Orton-Gillingham Phonics Instruction)

As a certified instructor, I teach traditional Orton-Gillingham lessons. The first session would begin with an informal assessment so lessons can be tailored to your child’s exact needs. Subsequent lessons would follow the sequential, explicit, multi-sensory structure that OG instruction is known for: introducing a new skill, sound review, reading words, phrases, sentences, spelling sounds, words, and sentences, and applying the skills while reading a passage.

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Summer Reading Support

Summer Reading Will Be Fun This Year!

Do your children have summer reading assignments they are dreading? Let me work through it with them! We can complete any reading and writing assignments together, using a structured approach in which I embed skills into the reading time. Just like a guided reading group - students will get much more out of the time than if they were reading on their own. Whether they need to read a specific book that may otherwise not interest them, or you need support finding an appropriate book that meets certain requirements, I am here to help!


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